RIAA - "Candy Enema Shock"

John Oswald - "Pocket"

(with) Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - "Lap Dog Rap Mix"

Notseeingwindowcovering5 - "The Finger Of Love"

(and) Bernie Green - "Concerto for Calliope"

(plus) Hans Arp - "Dada-Sprüche"

Radioactive Sparrow - "You Only Live Twice"

Rank Sinatra - "Take On Me"

Gerogerigegege - "selection from Yellow Trash Bazooka"

Michmash - "A Story In Heaven"

Madalena Bernardes - "Where Is The End?"

Vomit Lunchs - "Total Pointless Guidance Mix (Stock, Hausen + Walkman)"

(with) Dave Soldier and Komar & Melamid - "Most Unwanted Song"

(plus) Hans Arp - "Dada-Sprüche"

Dummy Run - "Chirpy"

(with) Médéric Collignon - "Improlibration"

(and) Notseeingwindowcovering5 - "The Finger Of Love"

(plus) The Saints - "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep"

(also) Yoko Ono - "Toilette Piece (1971)"

Totom - "Wouldn't You Be my Baby"

Music behind DJ:

Man Chau Po Orch - "A Go-Go River Kwai"

John Rose - Otomo Yoshihide - "Budget Shopping / Ping Pong, King Kong"

David Moss - "Wittgenstein Sings"

Paul Lowry - "I Got Rhythm"

Borts Minorts - "Sasafras Seedlings"

Freddy McGuire - "Dark Days Bright Nights"