So, you know that meme that's been going around fandom where we all list our favorite stories per Doctor? Well, that's precisely what Stephen and Andy are doing this week, because there's no new Doctor Who episodes to talk about and we don't really have much of anything else going on in our life. It's very sad.

However! In a couple of weeks, we're throwing our awards show "end of season 10" extravaganza, and now's your chance to vote for your faves! (Here's the link. It'll take like 2 minutes. Honestly, you'll regret not doing it.)

Various Who newsy things for the first 20 minutes or so, then we launch into our faves. Which one of us gets "the feelz" from The Robots Of Death? Which one of us picked a story they never even got around to producing on television? Is a taco a sandwich? These are all good questions. And - like Coop says - "I have a question, but the problem is I don't know the answer."

(this week's song: "My Favorite Song" by Lifestyle)