Chuck Edwards - "Downtown Soulville"

Music behind DJ:

Jimmy Toliver - "South"

Jeanette "Baby" Washington - "Let Love Go By"

The Jewels - "My Baby"

Johnny and Jackey - "Sho Don't Play"

The Two Friends - "Family Reunion"

The Ascots - "Hip Talk"

Huey Smith & the Clowns - "Behind the Wheel (Pt. 2)"

Music behind DJ:

Zu Zu Blues Band - "Side Show"

Jimmy Lewis - "Feelin in Mah Bones"

Al White & the Hi-Liters - "Them Drums (Pt. 2)"

The Invincibles - "Can't No One Man"

Tina Britt - "You're Absolutely Right"

Ray Scott and the Scottsmen - "Right Now"

Music behind DJ:

Classie Ballou and the Orlandos - "Soul Philly"

The Isley Brothers - "Sure Is a Lotta Woman"

The Contours - "Take Him Back If It Makes You Happy"

Jimmy Ruffin - "I Gotta Cover a Whole Lotta Ground (Before the Sun Goes Down)"

Stevie Wonder - "I Want My Baby Back"

Marvin Gaye - "This Love Starved Heart of Mine (It's Killing Me)"

Music behind DJ:

The Four Gents - "Wick's Delight"

Smokey Brooks - "Beat the Heat"

Frankie Newsom and the Soul Invaders - "My Lucky Day"

Booker T. Averheart - "Maxi-Midi"