Chuck Edwards - "Downtown Soulville"

Music behind DJ:

James Brown - "James Brown's Boo-Ga-Loo"

Gino Parks - "Same Thing"

Ace St. Clair - "Crazy Flu"

Eugene Jefferson - "Too Young"

Hilliard Jones - "Prison of Love"

Fiestas - "Foolish Dreamer"

Johnny Chef - "Can't Stop Moving"

Music behind DJ:

The Delegates - "Pygmy (Pt. 2)"

Irma Thomas - "Moments to Remember"

Dean and Jean - "Lovingly Yours"

The New Yorkers - "Don't Want to Be Your Fool"

The Strides - "I Can Get Along"

The Peps - "Thinking About You"

Music behind DJ:

L'il Ray - "Soul Power"

Otis Clay - "Got to Find a Way"

Otis Clay - "Must I Keep On Waiting"

Otis Clay - "I Testify"

Otis Clay - "That's How It Is (When You're In Love)"

Otis Clay - "It's Easier Said Than Done"

Otis Clay - "She's About a Mover"

The Parliaments - "Time"

Joe Simon - "No Sad Songs"

Little Jimmy Gandy - "I'm Not Like the Others"

Music behind DJ:

Calvin Owens & the Fascinators - "The Cat"