Chuck Edwards - "Downtown Soulville"

Music behind DJ:

Lloyd Glenn - "Wild Fire"

Justin Jones - "Dance by Yourself"

Lemme B. Good - "You're a Breaker of Hearts"

The Mad Lads - "Quit-Shucking"

Carol Fran - "I'm Gonna Try"

Bobby Dale and the Pedal Pushers - "Love, You Lovely Stranger"

Music behind DJ:

Cliff (Honky Tonk) Scott - "Skitchy"

William Bell - "Just as I Thought"

Barbara Lynn - "Until I'm Free" - `

L. Ruffin - "This Stuff Just Kills Me"

B.B. Brown - "I Weep"

Little Ann - "Lean Lanky Daddy"

Marion James - "I'm the Woman for You"

Music behind DJ:

The Milestones - "The Jolly Fatman"

Huggy's Ork. - "Help Wanted"

The Fundamentals - "I Wouldn't Blame Ya"

Chris Bartley - "This Feeling You Give Me"

Fantastic Four - "As Long as the Feeling Is There"

Jimmy Delphs - "Almost"

Music behind DJ:

Little Ed & the Soundmasters Band - "The Ghetto Grind"

Patricia Denson & the Soul Expressions - "I Thought I Heard You Moan"

Marvin L. Sims - "It's Your Love"

Melvin Davis - "Save It (Never Too Late)"

The Sequins - "You Flunked Out"

The Wilson Brothers - "Soul Town"