Chuck Edwards - "Downtown Soulville"

Music behind DJ:

Frank & the Tel Stars - "Concerto in the Stars"

The Wanderers - "Shadrach, Meshack and Abednego"

Guitar Crusher - "Itch With Me"

Aretha Franklin - "Rough Lover"

Ronnie Love - "Fragile Love"

Johnnie & Joe - "Here We Go, Baby"

Blues Palmer With Jimmy Coe Trio - "Misery Is Gone (Pt. 1)"

Music behind DJ:

The Soul Senders - "Winter's Serenade"

Lee Moses - "How Much Longer (Must I Wait)"

The Sharpees - "My Girl Jean"

The Soul-Jers - "Gonna Be a Big Man"

The Adventurers - "Nobody Can Save Me"

Music behind DJ:

Butch Cornell's Trio - "Goose Pimples"

Helene Smith - "Thrills & Chills"

Ella Washington - "The Grass Always Seems Greener (On the Opposite Side of the Fence)"

Paul Kelly - "Chills and Fever"

The Moovers - "Someone to Fulfill My Needs"

Betty Wright - "Sweet Lovin' Daddy"

Music behind DJ:

Frank Williams and the Rocketeers - "The Spanish Fly"

Clarence Reid - "Miss Hot Stuff"

Clarence Reid - "Gimme a Try"

Clarence Reid - "I Get My Kicks"

Clarence Reid - "You Knock Me Out"

Music behind DJ:

The Blowflys - "Funky in the Hole"