Some stuff has been going down in politics for a couple of years that ranckles quite a few of us, but generally the show has not gotten overtly political. So, this week, we decided to give up the charade and go super political with an episode about political songs. Mitchell and Amy don’t hide their political views, so yeah, something you may not agree with won’t be excluded. Buckle in and let’s get political.



The Honey Dippers - Impeach the President

The Long Winters - Make America Great Again

Husker Du - Divide and Conquer

Randy Newman - Great Nations of Europe

Risky Whispers - Endangered Species

Sleater Kinney - Combat Rock

The Mice - Not Proud of the USA

Cosby Stills Nash & Young - Ohio

Young Statues - True Liberty

Shoji Meguro - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

Simon & Garfunkel - Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream