Jason and Amy break with their unspoken agreement to leave politics out (well, except that one episode which we don’t talk about anymore) and hash out some political feelings.  Protests are the name of the game this week and next week!  Craig, from Eureka Podcast, joins Jason and Amy for their very first interview that sometimes swerves off of music.  Get your markers and your posterboard!


Barry McGuire - Eve of Destruction

Green Day - Minority

U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday

Richie Havens - Handsome Johnny

M.I.A. - Borders

Twisted Sister - We’re Not Going To Take It

Nina Simone - Mississippi Godd@mn

Swet Shop Boys - T5

G.G. Allin - Up Against The Wall

Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror

Rise Against - I Don’t Want to Be Here Anymore