durée : 02:00:07 - Easy tempo - par : Laurent Valero, Thierry Jousse - The Mar-keys

“Last night”

(Axton / Smith / Newman) (1961)

Extrait de l’anthologie Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration Music


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*The Mar-keys



(Wayne Jackson / Andrew Love)

“Soul man”

(David Porter / Isaac Hayes)

Extraits de l’album Damifiknow (1969)

STAX 959

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Booker T and The MGs

“Sing a simple song”

(Pepper / Wart)

Extrait de l’album The Booker T set (1972)

STAX 69 022 LP

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Booker T and The MGs

“Willow weep for me”

(Ann Ronell)

Extrait de l’album Soul limbo (1968)

STAX 24 4113-2

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Booker T and The MGs

“Blues in the gutter”

(Booker T)

Extrait de la BO du film de Jules Dassin Up tight (1969)

STAX 248562-2

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Judy Clay

“Give love to save love” (1969)

Extrait de l’Anthologie Stax sirens and vault vamps

STAX 013

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Shirley Brown

“I ain’t no fun”


Extrait de l’album Woman to woman (1974)

STAX 002

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Margie Joseph

“My world is empty without you”

(Holland / Dozier / Holland)

Extrait de l’album Phase II (1971)

STAX 83039-2

Carla Thomas

“I have a god who loves”

(Carla Thomas)

Extrait de l’album Full Circle (1973)

WARNER JAZZ and WORLD 50466-9384-2

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Rufus Thomas

“Funkiest man alive”

(Rufus Thomas) (1973 )

Extrait de l’Anthologie (1973) The funkiest man / The Stax funk sessions 67 / 75


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“Watcha see is watcha get”

(T. Esther) (1984)

Extrait de l’anthologie Stax Funk

STAX 020

Fat Larry’s band

“Castle of joy”

(Mc Lean / Mc Daniels)

Extrait de l’anthologie Stax Funk

STAX 020

Isaac Hayes

“Blue’s crib”

(Isaac Hayes)

Extrait de la BO du film de Jonathan Kaplan Truck Turner (1974)

STAX 24 7507-2

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Isaac Hayes

“Joe Bell”

(Isaac Hayes)

Extrait de la BO du film de Duccio Tessari Tough guys (1974) (Les durs)

ATLANTIC 88014-2

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Maynard Fergusson trompette avec en solistes Pete Jackson piano et Jeff Daly saxophone alto

Arrgts Keith Mansfield

“Theme from Shaft”

(Isaac Hayes)

Extrait de l’album MF Horn two (1972)


Sammy Davis Jr

« John Shaft »

( Hayes / Crutcher)

Sammy Davis Jr Now Arrgts Isaac / Onzie Horn Extrait de l’Anthologie Hollywood


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Isaac Hayes

“Walk on by”

(Burt Bacharach / Hal David)

Extrait de l’anthologie Stax 50th Anniversary Celebration Music Radio edit.


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*Otis Redding and Carla Thomas


« Let me be good to you »

(Hayes / Porter / Wells)

“Knock on wood”

(Cropper / Floyd)

Extraits de l’album King and Queen (1967)


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Eddie Floyd

“Stealing love”

(Eddie Floyd)

Extrait de l’album Soul street (1974)

The best of Eddie Floyd

STAX 010

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Staples Singers

“Sitting (on the) dock of the bay”

(Otis Redding)

Extrait de l’album Soul folk in action (1969) prod Steve Tropper

STAX 109

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Staples Singers

“Every day people”

Extrait de l’album We’ll get over (1969)

STAX 109

Staples Singers

“Brand new day”

(Al Kooper)

du film The land lord d’Hal Ashby

Extrait de l’anthologie Faith’n grace A Family journey (1953 /1976)


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Al Kooper orgue avec Bob Dozema guitare, Tom Stein basse et Larry Finn

“Green Onions”

(Jones / Steinberg/ Tropper /Jackson)

Extrait de l’anthologie Black coffe en public en Norvège (2001)

FAVORED NATIONS 2520-2 - réalisé par : Bruno Riou-Maillard