On this week’s episode of Let’s Eat In, Cathy Erway is beating the summer heat with Nathalie Jordi of People’s Pops. People’s Pops is an ice pop stand with locations at the Brooklyn Flea, the Highline, and Chelsea Market that combines local fruit and cocktail-inspired flavors. People’s Pops is taking back a symbol of of the industrialized food system and making something fresh, refreshing, and low in calories! Tune in to hear about some of People’s Pops most popular flavors, and their new ice pop cookbook. Hear about how making pops stretches the longevity of fruit, and creates a value-added product that supports local farmers. Pick up the People’s Pops cookbook, and make some of your own frozen treats! This program has been brought to you by Hearst Ranch.

“So we just figured if you pumped it [an ice pop] full of fruit instead of high fructose corn syrup and colorings and gums and stabilizers, it had to be good. We didn’t even consider that it might not be…If you’re using high-quality fruit, you just can’t go wrong.” — Nathalie Jordi on Let’s Eat In