On this week’s episode of Let’s Eat In, host Cathy Erway is joined by owner Josh Kaplan and chef Marc Giroux of the upcoming Dassara Brooklyn Ramen in Carroll Gardens. Josh talks about his past as a line cook, and why that experience inspired him to start his own restaurant with his own rules. Hear about the emerging ramen trend in New York City, and why Josh and Marc see it as becoming another staple immigrant cuisine like pizza or sushi. Tune in to hear more about how Marc plans on tweaking traditional broths and components to create ramen that incorporates a wealth of culinary influences. Is ramen the ultimate date meal? Find out on this episode of Let’s Eat In! This program has been brought to you by HeritageRadioNetwork.org.

“We’re doing creativity within a framework. You start with a bowl of ramen, but rather than take it as this orthodoxy, we look at it as a vehicle. It’s just all these different components that you can play with, and we filter that through our sensibilities.” — Josh Kaplan on Let’s Eat In