On the first Let’s Eat In episode of 2013, Cathy Erway is on the phone with James Oseland, Editor in Chief of Saveur Magazine and judge on Top Chef Masters. James and Cathy talk about the evolving demographic of Saveur Magazine, and the magazine’s focus on global food and home cooking. Hear about the Saveur book, The Way We Cook, and how it acts as an anthropological reference for food culture. What cuisines have peaked James’ interest recently? Find out where James trained his palette, and the flavors that were instrumental in fostering his love for eating. What place does a print publication like Saveur have in a digital world? Find out on this episode of Let’s Eat In! This program has been brought to you by 360 Cookware.

“A lot of food imagery that goes out in the Western world tends to glamorize and fetish-ize the act of cooking.” [5:30]

“The mission of the magazine is to really celebrate global cooking… Not giving precedence to one thing over another, but really celebrate the colorful mosaic of world cooking.” [8:30]

James Oseland on Let’s Eat In