Luisa Weiss has been writing about her life and food through her blog “The Wednesday Chef” for eight years. Now, her first book, My Berlin Kitchen, is being released as a paperback. This week on Eat Your Words, Cathy Erway talks with Luisa about her journey as a writer. How does blogging differ from writing a book? Find out how food blogs have evolved since Luisa’s start in 2005. Hear Cathy and Luisa dish on comfort foods, and the differences in eating patterns in other countries. How do the recipes in My Berlin Kitchen stand out against those in food magazines? Tune in and learn more about Germans’ love for white asparagus and salty breakfast foods. This show has been sponsored by Whole Foods. Thanks to The California Honeydrops for today’s music.

“I’m a sucker for beauty. If there’s good writing, and there’s good photography, I’m there.” [10:45]

“When I think about what comfort food is to me, I think about the food that I used to eat when I was in New York… it’s food that I crave that I can’t get here.” [15:25]

Luisa Weiss on Eat Your Words