There are roughly 80 million Millennials in America. According to research by BBDO, half of them identify as “foodies,” and this week on _ Eat Your Words _, Cathy Erway is sitting down with Millennial author Eve Turow to discuss her new book, A Taste of Generation Yum. Known for buying organic groceries, fawning over Chemex coffee, Instagram-ing images of pork belly and spending their recession-dented incomes on high-end meals out, these young adults with degrees from prestigious universities apply their learnings to harvests instead of hedge funds. Never before has a young generation paid this much attention to food, and since 2012 Eve explains that she has been on a journey to understand why.  Through interviews with a variety of Millennials as well as food luminaries—including Anthony Bourdain, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman, Marion Nestle and more—Eve highlights the underlying drive for the Millennial obsession with food, and comments on the role of Millennials in the future of food policy in America. Tune in for a great episode, brought to you by the Christmas Tree Farmers Association of New York.


“It really surprised me just how directly correlated our relationship with food is to the rise in technology.” [5:13]

“Organic, fair trade, anything like that, the minute you take a picture of it and place it online it becomes a part of your personal brand and it becomes a representation of your values.” [6:50]

–Eve Turow on Eat Your Words