Here at Eater, we’ve come up with more than a few tricks to elevate our dining game. From tips on how to snag the best table, to the brunch menu item you should always avoid, everyone’s got their move.

On this episode, we into some of the most well-honed, oddly specific restaurant hacks with Eater's editors and reporters. Put them to the test yourself, and let us know what you think! We also get into the top stories of the week, from the latest updates on Popeye's madness to a sneaky border-crossing doughnut entrepreneur and the booziest hard seltzer on the market.


• Everyone's Got Their Move

• This Guy Drives 200 Miles for Krispy Kreme

• Taprooms for Anything But Beer


James Park (@JamesyWorld)

Sonia Chopra (@SoniaChopra)

Hillary Dixler Canavan (@HillaryDixler)

Meghan McCarron (@MegMcCarron)


Amanda Kludt (@kludt), Editor in Chief, Eater

Daniel Geneen (@danielgeneen), Producer, Eater

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Martha Daniel (@martha_c_daniel)

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