Tune in for a special partnered episode of _ Eating Matters _ and _ The Farm Report _ as hosts Kim Kessler and Erin Fairbanks are on the line with the United States Department of Agriculture Deputy Secretary, Krysta Harden.  Recently announced, the Department of Agriculture announced a commitment to prioritize $5.6 billion over the next two years within USDA programs and services that serve new and beginning farmers and ranchers. Deputy Secretary Harden also announced a new, tailored web tool designed to connect burgeoning farm entrepreneurs with programs and resources available to help them get started.  With the the American farmer reaching on average 58 years old, the next generation of farmers and ranchers is imperative to the future of feeding the country.  What are the challenges for new farmers?  How has the role of women evolved in farming?  How is the USDA looking to help?


“We don’t need more farmers markets we meed more people shopping at farmers markets.” [17:00]

–USDA Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden