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“Product of Mexico” – an all too common sticker on many tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers arriving in the USA by the ton, found in your local grocery store. This week on _ Eating Matters _, Kim Kessler and guest co-host Evan Hanczor is on the line with reporter Richard Marosi who is behind the Pulitzer Prize nominated investigative series Product of Mexico featured in the Los Angeles Times, heavily commenting on the conditions that Mexican agricultural workers face. Richard emphasizes the poor conditions endured throughout their lives and the corporations that are to blame, though these corporations claim their Mexican suppliers have committed to decent treatment and living conditions for workers.  Tune in to this important show for more and learn how to take action.


“There’s not regular oversight or media attention given to these issues.” [19:30]

“There’s a history of squashing labor movements in Mexico – sometimes violently.” [21:00]

–Richard Marosi on Eating Matters