This week, host Jenna Liut is talking about campus hunger.  Although not typically associated with institutes of higher education, evidence suggests that food insecurity among US college students is rising, especially in light of increased enrollment rates and the evolving demographics among students. Just how prevalent is food insecurity on college campuses?  What are some viable long and short term solutions to address this issue?  Joining the show today to discuss these questions and more are three experts on the subject: Sara Goldrick-Rab, Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Sociology at University of Wisconsin Madison and author of the report “Hungry to Learn” which analyzed food insecurity among community college students across the country;  **Nate Smith-Tyge, ** a PhD student at Michigan State University (MSU) and longtime Director of the MSU Student Food Bank;  and Triada Stampas, Vice President for Research and Public Affairs at the Food Bank for NYC.


“I think the main problem…is that we have failed to recognize that the undergraduate in American higher education has changed over time, and we have not equipped our colleges and universities, and changed our policies, to meet the needs of today’s students.” [20:10] – Sara Goldrick-Rab