Iconic disc jockey, Eddie Winters and Co-host, Bodhi Lane get the call to head down to the radio cave for a very special edition of the Coup!

That’s right, Eddie and Bodhi gear up for an exciting show when they get the news that they’ll be chatting with legendary American songwriter, Don McLean.

The boys try playing it cool and kick off the program with a phone call from Number One Fan, who chats about his weekend and a whole lot more. When the coast is clear, Eddie and Bodhi get serious with “Real American Headlines” and learn that not all internet is as it seems.

After the turnaround, Eddie welcomes legendary songwriter, Don McLean to the program. Despite some technical difficulties, Eddie, Bodhi and Don chat about his upcoming performance in Berkeley, CA and Don’s memories of recording his debut album in Berkeley back in 1969.

Eddie and Don’s chat gets even more exciting when the conversation shifts to the state of America, The President and how things have a certain similarity to the political climate of the 60’s.

Don’t miss this exciting chat with an American Icon, Don McLean!

Later, Eddie and Bodhi put on their lab coat and critique their impromptu interview with Ian Corey joining in on the fun. Find out how many layers of cloak is actually protecting Eddie’s thin skin.

Don’t miss “The Sports Moment” when Barry the Stallion joins the program to talk about the latest with the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens. The phone lines get a real haunting when Barry gets a surprise mystery applause!

Bodhi and Eddie attempt to get some David Crosby Tweets going only to be interrupted by bad boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro who shares heartwarming good news all the way from Atlanta.

No time for apologies on this bumpy and lumpy episode of the Coup!