700 year old disc jockey, Eddie Winters climbs back to the radio cave for another historic episode of “America’s Number One Rock and Roll Program”. Eddie dedicates this episode to Atlanta Bad Boy, Pietro DiGennaro’s voice mailbox.

Without further ado, Eddie opens the program with a journey down the path of rock and roll past with “This Day in Rock”. You can’t look at tomorrow with out knowing what happened yesterday, baby.

Things get even crazier when Eddie checks in on America with “Real American Headlines” Fox News edition. Get all gussied up for your post Oscar party on this very special “news” segment.

Wide open are the phone lines when Number One Fan, Mike Fink dials the program to share tales from his mellow weekend and reminds Eddie of what show he is doing. Don’t try to impress Number One Fan with artifacts from Eddie’s storage space.

Eddie Winters recaps his smokin’ hot tiki drink filled weekend and talks about Elton John’s Las Vegas walk off performance! Eddie is getting his TMZ footage ready for this segment.

“Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” gets fiery when Eddie reaches out to friend of coup, Bodhi Lane! Eddie and Bodhi catch up on Bodhi’s whereabouts, his sobriety and rubbing elbows with celebrities. Don’t miss this reunion between old friends.

The spotlight gets white hot when Eddie puts on his Karaoke cloak and sings some hits and gets a phone call from co-producer Ian Corey.

Ian and Eddie chat about Ian’s weekend and the upcoming Hoopty Bike’s commercial that is in production. Ian gives his critique and Eddie gets some ideas for the coup.

In more music news, Eddie reads Quincy Jones’s apology to the Beatles after a recent slew of interviews. “Don’t Call Us” gets a reboot when Eddie tries calling Pietro’s voice mail box.

Real Live David Crosby tweets are burning up the air waves when Eddie Winters reads the latest from Crosby’s twitter feed. Get inside the heart, mind and cellular device of a rock icon.

After a quick turnaround, Eddie chat with BMX legend and X-Games all star, Chris Duncan. Chris and Eddie discuss their recent throat work on the Hoopty Bikes ad (coming soon) and Chris share some talking points about why Hoopty Bikes are number one in the Los Angeles area.

Eddie tries to wrap down the program by calling Pietro’s voicemail once more and takes a sneak peak into the train wreck known as “The Osbournes” podcast. Billboard pulls a the switcharoo with Bon Jovi’s latest release is somehow back at No. 1 by way of some coupon pyramid scheme to boost album “sales”. Eddie finishes with some audio from the brand new promo video of Billy Gibbons and John Fogerty tour.

Get your miata back on three wheels with this smokin’ hot program!