Iconic disc jockey, Eddie Winters is back with another exciting episode of the Rock and Roll’s favorite program: The Coup Dètat.

This week Eddie kicks the show off with an exciting installment of “This Day in Rock” that will leave you more educated and well rounded than before!

After the history lesson, Eddie challenges your perception of “News” with his favorite segment “Real American Headlines” with a fox news version of tabloid journalism.

Things get hot when Number One Fan, Mike Fink joins the program straight out of the hands of a TSA agent. Mike and Eddie discuss SXSW and guess the color of Number One’s smoothie. You’ll be getting a brain freeze of the best kind on this call.

Eddie explores some rock news and discusses the recent TMZ headlines featuring Tommy Lee of Motley Crue and his relationship with his boxing champion son.

Co-producer, Ian Corey gets on the air and shares details about his smoking hot weekend getting drunk while holding a baby and how he turned a log, a saw, and 8 hours of time into seven 2×4’s. Don’t ask, just listen.

After the turn around, Eddie chats with bad boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro. Pietro and Eddie discuss Pietro’s arrest record, his drumming career and Pietro takes an opportunity to thumb down Eddie’s recent interview with Biters guitarist, Matt Gabs.

Things really get wild when Eddie jams out to some “David Crosby Tweets” and does some impromptu apologies only to be joined by BMX legend, Chris Duncan of Hoopty Bikes.

Eddie and Chris discuss the brand new advertisement for Hoopty Bikes, Acting Classes and Mountain Bike tutorials. This is one educational chat that won’t cost you anything, baby.

If show boating is your thing, than you are in the right place.