Iconic disc jockey, Eddie Winters does his best to deliver you from the days of old with this brand new episode! Make sure to grab a glass of hot liquids and start banging on your tambourine because this is one show that can’t be beat!

Take a deep dive into history with “This Day in Rock” as Eddie swings from vine to vine through the annals of Rock N Roll!

The phone lines get loose when Number One Fan, Mike Fink dials the program! Find out what number one fan did for his weekend, how the goose got loose and how he missed the incredible hail storm. The dog teacher is teaching that golden rule, over in Alameda Dog Obedience school!

The switch up is made when Eddie gets into his weekend in Tahoe and some “Real American Headlines” Rolling Stone style. Find out what the former music magazine has to offer when it comes to informing Americans.

Find out what Pietro’s outgoing message sounds like with Eddie’s favorite segment “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You”. Eddie gets a double dose when reaches out to director, Joey Skorman to tell him about Co-Producer’s love for him. The phone lines gets beepin’ and switches over to chat with Co-Producer Ian Corey.

Ian and Eddie chat about some bees, their mutual love of Director, Joey Skorman and a lot more. Ian gets his wish and passes along some special questions for Eddie to ask. The cookie jar gets emptied when Ian says the magic words “Jack Ruby” and the JFK assassination. A little shoobie doobie with Jack Ruby!

Eddie gives a sneak preview for next week’s program and gets a special phone call from Bodhi Lane! Eddie and Bodhi recap Bodhi’s recent firestorm on social media and chat about recent comments by Chris Robinson and the Grateful Dead. Grab the marshmallows because Bodhi is on fire!

Eddie has time for a few David Crosby Tweets before Joey Skorman dials the program. Together, Eddie and Joey talk about Joey’s recent film credits and play a game consisting of YouTube Comments that will leave happy and demonetized.

Last is certainly not least when Atlanta Bad Boy Drummer, Pietro DiGennaro dials the program and shares his most recent triumphs with his bands, The Midnight Larks and his avant garde approach to the record business.

The beat of the drums, loud and bold…Hail Hail Rock and Roll!