Legendary disc jockey, Eddie Winters gets the engine warmed up for another exciting edition of The Rock and Roll Coup Dètat! This week, Eddie brings you classic segments like “This Day in Rock” and “Real American Headlines” and also checks in with some fantastic friends of the Coup!

Singer and Songwriter, Thomas Claxton joins the program to share tales from his whirlwind weekend that resulted in winning an award in Los Angeles for his musical ability and jet setting across the country.

Co-producer, Ian Corey joins the show to share details of his weekend, working at his bug-out location. Things get goofy when Ian and Eddie play a game of “Shoobee Doobie Do Wow”. If you are looking for classic throat work, look no further.

After the break, Eddie gets down to business with his interview with founding member and bassist of ENuff Z’Nuff, Chip Z’Nuff.

Eddie and Chip have a illuminating and honest conversation about ENuff Znuff’s history, The band’s latest album, their upcoming tour and more. Chip talks openly about the band, his relationships with band mates (past and present) and more.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive chat with one of rock’s hardest working musicians: Chip Z’Nuff.

Once the dust settles, Eddie reaches out to Atlanta Bad Boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro who wastes no time getting into a fender bender on live air. Things get wild when Eddie plays phone tag with Director, Joseph Skorman and gets to the bottom of a commercial/hallucination that Eddie suffered over the weekend.

Number One fan dials the program to share with Eddie some of his weekend exploits and chats about Eddie’s conversation with Chip Z’Nuff. Find out why there can only be one number one!

After a quick game of chance, Pietro joins the program again to talk about his Record Day performance gone awry, his upcoming shows and why the Coup makes him nervous.

Get your pads on baby because we are going into overtime!