Famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters returns to the radio cave to deliver another exciting episode of the Coup featuring an exclusive chat with legendary musician Billy Hinsche!

On this episode, Eddie wastes no time and brings you a brief history lesson with “This Day in Rock” which turns out to be way more informative than most news outlets!

The phone lines get opened and Co-Producer, Ian Corey gives his weekend update and tips on killing queen bees in your own hive!

Once the phone lines are clear, Eddie dives deep into a classic edition of “Real American Headlines”. You’ll forget everything you learned when you hear what America has to offer in the breaking news department.

After the break, Eddie welcomes legendary singer-songwriter Billy Hinsche to the program. Billy & Eddie chat about Billy’s long career starting out with his classic 60’s pop group Dino, Desi & Billy. Here great insights about the LA music scene and the group’s origins from a garage band to a national success.

Billy also shares wonderful insights and personal memories about his friends and bandmates in The Beach Boys. Listen as Eddie & Billy discuss landmark Beach Boy albums and touring during the height of the band’s success. Also, hear about Billy’s exclusive documentaries chronicling The Beach Boys on tour during the 70”s and personal profiles on Carl and Dennis Wilson.

You won’t want to miss this one of a kind conversation with the great Billy Hinsche! To learn more about Billy’s exclusive documentaries and more by visiting : http://www.billyhinsche.com/

After the dust settles, Eddie reaches out to Atlanta bad boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro! Pietro shows a deeper dimension of his character as he shares serious concerns about aging and his wild lifestyle.

Eddie and Pietro chat about his ongoing twitter beef playing out on Instagram with director, Joseph Skorman and apologies are given!

Don’t miss this informative and explosive episode of the Coup@