Legendary Disc Jockey, Eddie Winters is back with another thrilling episode of The Rock and Roll Coup Dètat featuring dynamite segments and classic conversations that will take you from coast to coast. Get your passport ready and take off your belt and shoes, because this show is flying high!

Eddie welcomes famed director, Joseph Skorman to the radio cave for a high paced hot seat adventure that will leave you in throws of rock and roll radio.

The boys take a look into the past with “This Day in Rock”. Impress your friends and co-workers with some rock trivia that include legendary Beatles TV appearances and what happened to Elvis’s porcelain cap after he swallowed it.

Fact becomes fiction when the boys run through some “Real American Headlines”. Find out just how perfectly CNN and Fox News go together. The segment will certainly remind you of The Wizard of Oz and The Dark Side of the Moon being played together.

The phone lines get heated when Number One Fan, Mike Fink slides past security and onto the show with an update from the road. Number One chats about his upcoming journey to Nashville and Eddie plays a brand new game that has Number One guessing about country lyrics.

After the turnaround, Eddie speaks with musician and vocalist, Brian Justin Davis! Eddie and Brian discuss Brian’s recent trip to Tokyo singing with Jimmy Sakurai and Frankie Banali. Get a first hand glimpse into the band’s travels in Japan, the band’s intense rehearsals and performing two sold out shows at the Crocodile Cafe. You won’t find this conversation anywhere else but on the Coup!

Later, Eddie and Joseph play “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” with Pietro DiGennaro’s voicemail and get deep into the mind and cell phone of legendary musician, David Crosby with “David Crosby Tweets”.

Once the internet is ablaze, Eddie reaches back out to Atlanta Bad Boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro to hear how his trip to Florida is going. Eddie and Joseph are stunned when Pietro reveals a family feud of his own that will leave stunned. The surprise wears off a little when Pietro convinces his girlfriend to communicate with Old Man Eddie Winters.

Make sure you are wearing your helmet when Eddie and Joseph reach out to Hoopty Bikes CEO and BMX Legend, Chris Duncan. Chris and the boys chat the latest on Hoopty Bikes, Chris’s morning routine, and more. Things get personal when the subject of Eddie’s son becomes the center piece of conversation.

Look out for a 3-way edition of “The Apologies” with Chris Duncan, Joseph and Eddie that brings the show to a neat and tidy close.

You won’t want to miss this death defying episode of The Coup!