Legendary disc jockey, Eddie Winters reunites with famed director, Joseph Skorman for an action packed and high paced episode of The Rock and Roll CoupDètat!

The show reaches mach I when Eddie’s old pal, Jerry Pickles calls from the entertainment capital of the world, Branson, MO with troubling news! Eddie and Joseph jot down Jerry’s GPS coordinates and book two tickets for a wild goose chase!

Joseph shares details of his Las Vegas weekend filled with fuzzy dice and fuzzy memories! You’ll feel warm and fuzzy too when Joseph talks about harassment and blackouts on the strip.

Once the show gets going, Number One Fan dials the program and shares his housing accomplishments down in LA. The temperatures starts to rise and Number One contemplates heading to Malibu in a pair of classic dong shorts while Joseph gets in touch with his inner podcast Picasso.

Listen to Eddie’s latest throat with a sensational new advert for Jolly Roger Telephone Company! Check them out online at www.jollyrogertelephone.com

Things get real with “Real American Headlines” as Joseph and Eddie ping pong between the Huffington Post & CNN for a double dose of tabloid mayhem. Delete your cookies baby because this segment is tracking you!

The phone lines get open and Co-producer, Ian Corey joins the program from the head of the bees. Eddie contemplates cutting Joseph’s mic while Ian creates an intro for Joesph’s new show!! Find out how Ian’s skeleton bones are being sheathed and what ladder work means.

Number One Fan gets a double shot when Eddie reaches out to play “Guess The Country Lyric”! Eddie and Number One play a dangerous game of intuition and wits.

Eddie and Joseph reach out to Atlanta Bad Boy, Pietro DiGennaro and Eddie keeps waiting for the beep. Eddie strikes out with a bit more “Don’t Call Us”. Get inside the heart, the mind and the mobile device of Rock Icon, David Crosby Tweets!

After the turn around, Eddie and Joseph reach out to Pro BMXer and X-Games Champion, Chris Duncan. Chris shares with the boys some insider information about the underground movement of extreme scooter riding. The guys have a deep discussion about the culture of action sports and Chris’s position as a burgeoning star!

Eddie, Joseph and Chris give a heart felt round of apologies and bring this smoking hot program to a close!

Hold on tight baby because this show is on a scoot luge!