Famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters returns to the airwaves for another powerful and exciting episode of the coup! Eddie is joined by co-host and famed director, Joseph Skorman who kicks the show off right by breaking the only existing window in Eddie’s storage space.

The thunder begins to roll when Eddie and Joseph kick open the show and jump into “This Day in Rock”, highlighting the historic musical achievements of yesteryear. Eddie tries to keep his cool but can barely suppress the fact that his cage has been rattled by the shattered glass.

Joseph shares some details about his recent visit to San Diego for Comic Con and getting to see the Twin Peaks panel which included Joseph’s fiancé and friend of the program, Chrysta Bell. Joseph and Eddie learn about the food at Comic Con, The Population at Comic Con and what the attendees are wearing. Get your Klingon Chips and get in line!

Eddie takes a dip into a real live Jolly Roger Telephone call and samples the automated robot responses for the audience. The phone lines get buzzed when Ian Corey, Co-Producer, calls the program.

The boys discuss Ian’s weekend including working on a video, pickling vegetables, and freezing bees. The boys take a dip into some of the recent negative comments on Eddie’s YouTube page The conversation turns to telemarketing as Eddie, Joseph and Ian gear up for their exclusive chat with Roger Anderson of The Jolly Roger Telephone Company.

After the break, Eddie and Joseph welcome Roger Anderson to the program. Together Roger, Eddie and Joseph discuss the origins of Jolly Roger Telephone Company, The dark underworld of telemarketing and Roger’s one man battle against the companies that are ruining the telephone industry. Don’t miss this illuminating conversation with Jolly Roger Telephone Company’s founder, Roger Anderson.

Once the dust settles, Eddie shares the latest coup commercial for Jolly Roger Telephone Company! Have a listen to the latest and greatest edition of Eddie’s throat work. You won’t be disappointed.

After a few failed attempts at “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” the boys hear from Hoopty Bikes CEO and BMX Champion, Chris Duncan! Chris contemplates changing his identity by cutting his hair and the boys talk him down from the ledge.

Chris, Joseph and Eddie talk about Chris’s Instagram page (@turbo.night) and plan a scheme for Chris to ride his scooter at the Venice Beach Skate park without being accosted by locals.

The apologies get dealt and the boys gently shut down a classic coup! Check your caller ID, baby, because this show is going to reach you!