Legendary disc jockey, Eddie Winters is back at it again with another thrilling edition of America’s favorite rock and roll program. This week, Eddie goes it alone in the Radio Cave and spares no expense at bringing you the most thrilling and entertaining rock news and conversations around.

The show gets off the ground with an action packed edition of “This Day in Rock” that will leave you spellbound and on the ground with rock facts that surely will impress your friends and loved ones.

Don’t take anything for granted when Eddie dip, dip, dips into “Real American Headlines”. The only news segment that could easily be mistaken for parody but in actuality is a news segment.

The hot seat is empty this week so Eddie turns to the phone lines to reach out to famed director, Joseph Skorman. Joseph and Eddie talk facts learned from Urban Dictionary and Joseph gives a sneak preview for next week’s program with exciting teasers on some unbelievable stories.

After a quick turnaround, Eddie chats with Atlanta Bad Boy Drummer, Pietro DiGennaro. Pietro gets bit by the acting bug and makes some startling revelations about his music career. Find out what happens when things get turned upside down on Pietro’s Planet.

Don’t change that dial because Eddie takes a moment to get into some breaking news and plays a little “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” which ends up in a double whammy of a telephone call. First, Co-Producer, Ian Corey gets on the line to tell us about his break from the bees and his bug out location as he dip dip wows his way to intoxication on vacation. Things soon heat up when Ian passes the phone over to old coup friend, John Fabrizio for a little catch up session that will leave you want more. Grab the suntan lotion baby, because this show is burning up.

The program switches into maximum overdrive when Hoopty Bikes CEO and BMX Pro, Chris Duncan joins the program. Chris gives Eddie a lesson about on the underbelly of Hollywood and what really happens when the sun goes down. Eddie is also introduced to Chris’s friend and actress, Stella. You won’t want to miss this steamy and informative conversation. Don’t forget to click like, baby!

Eddie takes some time to switch gears and do some apologies when Number One Fan, Mike Fink dials the program. Number One Fan is all loosey goosey as he makes his way around across LA on a mission to get his humble abode in tip top shape for Eddie’s eventual arrival. They don’t call him number one for nothing!

Hold on to your cloak because this show is full of back draft!