Legendary Disc Jockey, Eddie Winters lets the juice loose with another exciting episode of the Coup! This week Eddie wastes no time getting the program underway when he kicks into “This Day In Rock” with some rock and roll facts that are no historic! The Beatles meet Elvis, The Beach Boys release “God Only Knows” and Brian Epstein passed away all in “This Day in Rock”.

Find out what tabloid celebrity garbage is disguising as American News on Huffington Post’s parody news site with “Real American Headlines”. Eddie can’t believe his eyes and ears with this stunning segment!

Drink some hot and cold liquids and get ready for when Atlanta Bad Boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro joins the program. Eddie and Pietro make arrangements for Eddie’s upcoming trip to Atlanta and Pietro talks about playing the Muddy Roots festival with his band, The Midnight Larks. Eddie stands in as Pietro’s manager and gives him career advice and Pietro offers his vehicle. What could possibly go wrong.

The script gets flipped when Number One Fan, Mike Fink joins the program to share the latest about his new Los Angeles life and his weekend. Number One talks about secret parks in Glendale, loosing his sunglasses and more! Number One and Eddie “The Boss of Moss” do some positive headlines from Rolling Stone. Don’t miss this hilarious chat with Number One Fan!

Eddie fires up the jitterbug and gets Famed director, Joseph Skorman on the line to check and see if he will be gracing the airwaves with his own brand of throat toast. Joseph promises to bring the street magic and Eddie gets a little nervous.

After the turnaround, Eddie chats with Co-producer Ian Corey as he takes a day off from work in the sweltering heat due to a power outage. Ian scares Eddie with talks about bears on his bugout location who are in search of sweet, sweet nectar. Eddie asks Ian about his 10-day weekend and Eddie leaves Ian to his own devices as he welcomes Famed director, Jesus Joseph Skorman to the program. The boys discuss Polaroids and Projects as the energy changes in the studio.

Later, Joseph Skorman tells Eddie about his weekend, 3 or 4 weeks ago. Joey shares his story of being at the Twin Peaks festival and passing out while urinating. Don’t miss this legendary public service announcement.

Eddie and Joseph get deep into the heart, mind and the wireless device of famed guitarist and musician, David Crosby with “David Crosby Tweets”.

After a quick break, Eddie and Joseph welcome Hoopty Bikes CEO and Legendary BMX artist, Chris Duncan to the program. Chris discusses how he changes his perspective with the use of recreational medicine. Chris shares some stories of his most recent Hollywood adventures and playing referee between Joseph and Eddie. Things get tense and the apologies are only seconds away.

Don’t miss this hilarious and fun episode of the coup!