Legendary disc jockey, Eddie Winters returns to the radio cave and is joined by famed director, Joseph Skorman for another thrilling episode of the Coup!

This week, Eddie and Joseph can’t wait to dig into the program and Eddie is dying to know how the hell was Joseph’s weekend. Joey shares tales of rubbing elbows with his Fiancè and famed director, David Lynch at a little Los Angeles art show and the Los Angeles Comic Con. Eddie can’t believe his ears, nose and throat when Joseph digs the dirt of his smoking hot weekend.

The tables get turned when Joseph asks Eddie about his weekend. Eddie talks about his recent trip to Atlanta and driving Pietro’s Mercury Disable. Eddie gets Pietro’s vehicle on three wheels and has to get a ride back to Atlanta. Find out what happens when Eddie and Pietro join forces on the East Coast.

After a failed attempt to open the phone lines, Number One Fan dials the program and sneaks in some details about his weekend. Number One is up against the ropes in a battle royal with his home. Eddie starts talking dog photography with Number One and things get loosey goosey when Number One’s dog goes viral.

Eddie jiggles some wires and gets Pietro DiGennaro, Atlanta Bad Boy drummer on the line. Pietro takes a break from his job to smoke some weed live on air and talks about narrowly escaping jail and his deep lust for marijuana. Pietro talks about getting auditioned and the future of his acting and musical career. Don’t miss out on this thrilling conversation.

After the turn around, Eddie dips into a well deserved “This Day in Rock”. Learn about how the Beatles helped out the Stones back in 1963. Joseph hides in the studio until Eddie finishes this legendary segment.

Things heat up when Co-Producer, Ian Corey dials the program. Eddie and Joseph have to talk Ian down the from ledge when his cubicle job starts giving him some trouble. Find out the condition of Ian’s bug-out location and what he likes to do when nobody is watching. Ian Corey spills the beans on a new company that Head of the Interns, Jason Dove is moonlighting for. Get deep and dirty with Ian Corey.

Once the boys get cleaned up, they dial Hoopty Bikes CEO and BMX Legend, Chris Duncan. Chris opens up about a recent street gig he agreed to that got him paid and taught him a lesson. Later, the boys sing in three-part harmony, just in time for the apologies. Can Chris use his scooter for a weapon? Find out during this smoking hot episode of coup!

Just do it!