Legendary Radio Host, Eddie Winters returns to the radio cave with his trusty side kick and famed director, Joseph Skorman in tow for another chilling and thrilling episode of the Coup!

This week, Eddie shakes things up by asking Joseph intimate details about his weekend. Joseph does a little squirming before spilling the beans on his his new warning label that the execs are pushing him to add to a recent project. You won’t believe your eyes or ears!

Old man Eddie Winters reveals details on why he missed the previous week’s show and what not to do when visiting some old colleagues in San Diego.

Eddie and Joseph lay down a very special “birthday” edition of “This Day in Rock” for Joseph’s brother in-law, Nathan. Find out about why Elvis never appeared in the UK and what the Beatles were up to on this day in Rock!

Eddie plays a game of trust with Joseph when he leaves the studio for 5 seconds to retrieve his jitterbug. Find out how he fills his time.

Once the boys get settled, they attempt to get deep into some headlines when Thomas Claxton joins the program. Your ears will be beeping when Thomas and Eddie catch up. Eddie & Thomas chat about Thomas’s birthday week, keeping up with sobriety and Thomas shares some classic tales from the bars in Savannah. Tune up, because this conversation is smokin’ hot.

After the turn around, Number One Fan, Mike Fink joins the program. Number One gets a little loosey goosey from the sides streets of Burbank on his way to a smokin’ hot meeting. He sheds some cloak on his weekend that consisted of a rusty nail and a flat tire. Find out how Number One became the Jim Morrison of flat tires.

The phone lines are opened and a Tom Waits soundalike dials the program with a very special request and Eddie wonders if Joseph has ever heard the old program. The phone lines re-opens and co-producer Ian Corey joins the program.

Ian and boys chat about Ian’s struggles behind the work desks and Joseph’s steamy hot instagram feed that leaves Ian speechless. Eddie asks about the state of Ian’s bees and how mites might be killing them. A question from a listener causes the boys to learn about how bees communicate. Stick around and you might learn something!

Eddie tries desperately to reach out to Atlanta Bad Boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro but only get to tango with Pietro’s voice mail inbox. No time is wasted when the boys reach out to the MAD Magazine of news with “Real American Headlines”. Find out what in store for you and friends when they click on the “News” tab of any news website. Go ahead, take the bait.

Later, Eddie and Joseph reach out to BMX Legend and Hoopty Bikes CEO, Chris Duncan. Chris, Eddie and Joseph get deep about living in Koreatown, having long hair and the strengths of riding a Protoscooter! Chris shares some legendary Hollywood secrets about parenting and how razor scooters might free up some money down the road.

The apoligies get given and the boys bring this program to a thunderous close! Don’t miss this exciting thrill ride adventure, sponsored Hoopty Bikes and Jolly Roger Telephone Company.