The legend gets more legendary when famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters returns to the radio cave with some surprises that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Find out why audiences every refer to Eddie Winters as “The Boss of Moss”.

Eddie kicks the program wide open with reports of a potential Stallion siting. Will Eddie and Barry “The Stallion” Strieb reunite on-air? Find out on this exciting episode!

“This Day in Rock” gets underway but gets interrupted because of the coup delay! Number One Fan dials the program to keep Eddie on his toes. Number One reveals that he has an epidemic of moles in his yard. Eddie devises a plan to join Co-Producer, Ian Corey and Number One for a YouTube channel start-up idea that will leave you clutching your wallet.

The look for lost treasure is on when Eddie reaches out to Pietro DiGennaro’s voice mail box demanding an apology. Will Eddie get his way? Find out when Eddie opens the phone lines to the public.

Eddie takes an opportunity to complete “This Day in Rock” and learns about Bon Jovi’s first number one in the UK.

After a quick turnaround, Eddie gets a call from Atlanta bad boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro. Pietro takes a break from his job to express his frustration after learning why he failed a recent audition. Once the tension gets going Pietro’s phone goes dead.

Things get better when Eddie gets Pietro back on the line and he shares the latest music woes which inspires Pietro to do his own solo album. Eddie volunteers his talents for Pietro’s album only before Pietro signs on the dotted line.

The airwaves just got more gorgeous when Famed Director, Joseph Skorman drops by the radio cave. Eddie catches up with Joseph and discusses the passing of blues legend Otis Rush. Find out how many plugs and shout-outs Joseph can deal out in a single hour!

Together Joseph and Eddie talk about Barry “The Stallion” Strieb’s incredible legacy and are joined by Co-Producer, Ian Corey. Together, the boys discuss Joseph’s new podcast that Eddie gets to co-host on.

Ian shares with Eddie and Joseph about his bees and Eddie spills the beans about his YouTube channel idea with number one fan. Joseph falls sick with co-host disease and Ian is able to help with his diagnosis.

Eddie has the cure with a game of “Shoobie Do Dowow”. See if Eddie can stump Joseph and Ian with his victorious skatting ability. Find out about Eddie’s skeeting cloak and his thoughts on baby voices. Eddie puts the pause on Ian Corey to switch over to Number One Fan. You won’t believe the ability of Eddie’s click over skills.

The show gets a boost of extreme adrenaline and THC when Eddie dials BMX Legend and Hoopty Bikes CEO, Chris Duncan. Eddie, Chris and Joseph get all fired up talking about life in LA, building the Hoopty Bikes Empire and hanging out at the Comedy Store in Hollywood.

What better way to round out another thrilling episode than with a thrilling edition of the Apologies. Get a double dose of wow-power in this exciting edition of the coup!