Legendary disc jockey and The Boss of Moss, Eddie Winters returns to the radio cave! Eddie doesn’t waste anytime before busting into “This Day in Rock” and unleashes facts about Roy Orbison, The Beatles and more. Don’t miss out on your future by skipping over the past.

Take a sip of your hot and cold liquids before Eddie scrapes the barnacles from reality by dipping into “Real American Headlines”. If you can’t get enough of fear porn and opinion than you are in the right place!

Don’t get too comfortable because Number One dials the program to talk about his weekend, his favorite impressions and his upcoming trip to France. Number One reminds Eddie that “Coup Dètat” is french and the boys discuss Number One’s plans in Europe. Find out why they call number one fan the Jim Morrison of Burbank on this fantastic phone line experience.

It’s time to play Eddie’s favorite game “Don’t Call Us” with Atlanta Bad Boy Drummer, Pietro DiGennaro! Pietro asks Eddie the unthinkable and asks about Eddie’s weekend. Eddie shares his struggles with all things tiki and Pietro admits that his weekend was eerily similar. Later, Pietro talks about his upcoming solo records and Eddie pitches a song for his album. Find out if Eddie will guest star on Pietro’s new album.

Things go off the rails when Eddie welcomes back to the program, famed sports commentator Barry “The Stallion” Strieb! The Stallion gives his insights into the Baltimore Ravens and their strategy for the top! Listeners ask their questions and Stallion shares some insights into his legendary career!

After the turnaround, Eddie plays “Don’t Call Us” with Bodhi Lane’s voicemail and reaches out to Famed Director, Joseph Skorman. Eddie tells Joseph about his new promotion and Joseph gladly accepts his new duties as “assistant to the head of the interns”.

Later, Eddie checks out the news on Rolling Stone and takes some time to hack into Rock Hall of Famer David Crosby’s cell phone with “David Crosby Tweets”. See whats on the mind and in the fingertips of a legend!

A final flare is launched when Eddie tries to reach out to Hoopty Bikes CEO and BMX legend Chris Duncan and leaves a smokin’ hot voice mail message. The apologies are given and Eddie thanks you for your support.

Don’t miss this instant classic coup episode!