Legendary disc jockey, Eddie Winters brings his miata back to the storage space for another thrilling episode of the Coup! Eddie is joined by famed director, Joseph Skorman who suddenly a little too comfortable quick in the hot seat!

Things immediately get off to a strange start when Joseph opens up to Eddie about his personal life and his artwork while Eddie looks to “This Day in Rock” for details about the future!

Eddie can’t stay away when he gets even deeper into the life of famed director Joseph Skorman with “Getting To Know Joseph”. This weeks theme is Joseph’s criminal record. The windows and rules get broken on this smoking conversation. There is always a silver lining when Eddie asks Joseph about his weekend.

Find out what the top headlines are in America and fact check them with Mad Magazine with “Real American Headlines” Eddie and Joseph lightly scratches the surface of whats going on in the world in this light hearted segment.

The show gets a surprise call from Eddie’s old pal, Jerry Pickles. Jerry sends a very special message all the way from the other side of the earth as he prepares for his Australian debut of his one act play. Jerry and Eddie reminisce about the past and make plans for the future. Take a peek into Eddie’s past with Jerry Pickles.

After the turn around, Eddie reaches out to Co-Producer, Ian Corey who talks about his struggles with his new job title and the ability to live up to the cash rewards. Things get goofy when Ian talks about the cube, his cabin in the woods and more!

Pietro DiGennaro gives Eddie the fake out when he sends his voice mail to do the talking. Eddie dusts off an old favorite 45 and prepares himself for the hurricane of delight…Barry “The Stallion” Streib. The Stallion takes Eddie on a journey to the promise land as he breaks down the offense and the defense of the Baltimore Ravens. The Stallion gets deep and discusses the science behind “Change of Surface” and the The Stallion’s game rituals. Tune it in and rip off the dial because the Stallion is on fire!

Two Bingos in a row means it’s time for Number One Fan, Mike Fink! Number One tells some exciting tales about his recent Euro trip to Paris. Before he can get started, Numero Uno slays the studio with his smoking Ian Corey impression. You’ll be switching planes and getting airborne in no time!

Later, the boys contemplate an Eddie Winters app and find a great opportunity to dig into some thrilling David Crosby Tweets. Watch Joseph slowly get won over by the wit and internet prowess of Rock Hall of Fame member, David Crosby.

Don’t change that dial when Eddie and Joseph reach out to BMX Legend and Hoopty Bikes CEO, Chris Duncan. Chris takes the show to the next level when he gets deep into his dedication to his Business, his comedy career and his love for Eddie’s son Teddy.

Put things to rest when the boys share what they are sorry for with “The Apologies”. You’ll never know what kind of beauty Eddie can bring unless you listen completely.