Iconic Disc Jockey, Eddie Winters kicks up a cloud of dust on this latest edition of The Rock and Roll CoupDètat! This week Eddie gets deep into some radio cave hijinx that will leave you cracking your back with laughter.

First things first, Eddie gets historic with “This Day in Rock” and sheds rock and roll light on the days of old. Impress your friends around the water cooler with useless rock facts that will leave your co-workers dumbfounded as to why you are still employed.

Take a sip of some warm and cold liquids when Eddie sheds some cloak with “Real American Headlines” find out what happened to your old friend “Journalism” once they got on to social media. You won’t believe your eyes, ears and throat on this patriotic segment.

Eddie can’t remember what day it is when he plays “Don’t Call Us” and gets reacquainted with Pietro DiGennaro’s voice male. Don’t fret, because Eddie has breaking news sliding across his moss covered news desk. Find out why everyone follows Axl Rose on twitter and more…

The tables get turned when Co-Producer, Ian Corey dials the show and shares details from his weekend that cover his bug-out location, killing bees for views on YouTube and the dark underbelly of comments hiding on the internet. Hold on tight because things are just heating up.

Later, Famed Director Joseph Skorman is welcomed over the airwaves and Eddie can’t wait to sing “Happy Birthday” to a very deserving birthday boy. Minutes later Joseph lets a cat out of a bag and nearly derails the whole show with only a few sentences. Find out why when you listen to this call.

A sad attempt at David Crosby Tweets gets happily derailed when Numero Uno Fan Mike Fink dials the program on the way to get his automobile serviced. Eddie gets goose bumps in hopes to speak to an automotive professional about his classic roadster that can balance on 3 wheels.

Take a walk down Hollywood Blvd with Hoopty Bikes CEO and BMX Pro Chris Duncan. Chris tells a tale that you will only here on the Coup! Find out what it’s like when Chris Duncan gets goofy with Andy Dick and wanders onto the set of Quentin Tarintino’s latest film. The Coup becomes Access Hollywood in no time when Chris Duncan works his magic.

You’ll be shopping for a brand new lava lamp after you sink your teeth into this show!