The cannons are ready and famed disc jockey, Eddie Winters is loaded! Listen to what happens when a radio icon is let loose onto the airwaves for another exciting program.

First, Eddie recaps the past and digs into “This Day in Rock”. Get a passenger seat view into rock and roll’s yesteryear with historic facts that lead the path to now. You won’t believe your ears when Eddie loads mind with blinding rock trivia. You’ll be singing Kokomo in no time!

Eddie gets the shakes when he reaches for his jitterbug and opens the phone lines. Don’t hesitate because Number One Fan, Mike Fink is on the program! Number One has candy for breakfast and shares intimate details about his weekend and his home renovation project that is renovating his brain! The boys have a sweet little chat about Halloween that will make your teeth ache and a conversation about voting security blankets and more! Don’t miss out!

Enjoy some bootleg Bee Gees to prepare you for “Real American Headlines”. Find out why Eddie calls Huffington Post the trashiest news site around! You won’t learn anything but will be filled with opinion on this smokin’ segment.

Eddie plays his favorite game with “Don’t Call Us” and speaks to Atlanta Bad Boy Drummer, Pietro DiGennaro. Eddie does his best to get information about Pietro’s weekend but something deeper is afoot. Eddie digs a little deeper to find that Pietro is hiding out in a locked bathroom and is feeling scared. Find out how Eddie pulls Pietro out of his dark place and gives him strength to go on.

After the turnaround, Eddie chats with Co-Producer Ian Corey, all the way from the head of the bees, Washington DC. Ian tells a tale about putting a door on his bug-out house and sleeping in it. Ian and Eddie chat about a game idea about Ian’s life. Later, Ian tells Eddie about his upcoming weekend where he intends to slaughter a living pig. The details get gory when Ian Corey tells the listeners the crazy details on what has to happen to get bacon. Listen with care.

After a quick musical break, Eddie gets into some “David Crosby Tweets” and hears a word from our sponsor…Hoopty Bikes CEO and BMX Legend Chris Duncan! Chris and Eddie keep the energy going when Chris tells more exclusive details about his time with Actor and Comedian Andy Dick, his early life as a BMX star and more! Don’t miss it when the boys lay down some apologies that will leave feeling misty.

All this and more on this exciting and classic episode of the Coup!