Legendary disc jockey, Eddie Winters surprises us all with this very exciting, short and sweet episode of the Coup. Eddie makes no bones about having to cut the show short on account of his plans to head out to Reno, NV to see test how strong his liver is and how much charity cash is in his fanny pack.

Things start off with some serious thunder when Eddie peels back the pages on his rock calendar with “This Day In Rock”. You’ll need some more hot and cold liquids once you realized what went down on this day in rock!

Things go from real to fake in a matter of seconds when Eddie logs onto Huffington Post for what America considers news. You won’t believe your eyes when you hear about headlines based on 142 character text messages posted on a website.

The phone lines get oofy when Co-Producer, Ian Corey checks in from the head of the bees! Ian talks about plans post-bug out location and Eddie asks about the upcoming pig slaughter.

Get a double dose of oof when Number One fan calls in. You’ll be cracking a code when you try to decipher just what Number One had to go through prior to getting on the airwaves.

It’s nothing but excitement when Atlanta Bad Boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro gets on the line. Pietro graciously steps away from his lunch plate to talk to Eddie and narrowly escapes being profiled by the boys in blue. Eddie & Pietro take bets as to who’s memorial show will come first. You don’t want to miss it.

Things get wild when Eddie reaches out to BMX Legend and Hoopty Bikes CEO, Chris Duncan! Eddie makes sure to get some apologies out and Chris talks about OD’ing on Medical Treats that will leave you with all elbows on the dance floor.

This show is all you need as a travel companion! Download it now!