Legendary disc jockey returns from Reno all gussied up and ready to go for another exciting episode of the coup! Eddie wastes no time getting this classic program started by welcoming number one fan to the program!

Eddie tells Number One about the spoils and toils of Eddie’s late night Reno trip. Find out what happens when a 700 year old man mixes with a few lonely drifters in the biggest little city in America.

Things get all shook up when Eddie hits the internet for what America is calling “The News” with Real American Headlines. Find out what you already forgot about on this stunning informative segment.

After a quick break, Pietro DiGennaro, Atlanta Bad Boy drummer dials the program. Pietro gets comfortable on his lunch break and hides in his car so he can confess that he is “Completely Useless”. Eddie attempts to get to the bottom of what’s bothering Pietro. Later, Pietro opens up his world by letting Eddie speak to a co-worker. Find out what happens when Eddie searches for answers. Get goosey, baby!

Eddie does a little “Don’t Call Us” and settles for a little Karaoke action by performing one of his favorite Phil Collins song’s “Easy Lover”.

Things get wild when Ian Corey joins the show. Eddie asks Ian about is upcoming pig slaughter date that he has planned. Ian talks about some jitters and digging a well. Oh well, baby.

David Crosby Tweets get tweeted when Eddie examines the heart, the mind and the cell phone of David Crosby. Get a little more inside the mind of the legendary songwriter on this touching segment.

Get all padded up because Eddie dials up BMX legend and Hoopty Bikes CEO, Chris Duncan. Chris is excited to share with Eddie his feelings on Black Friday. The boys get all nostalgic when they start telling old stories from the 90’s, Holiday Rituals and Hollywood Holidays. Hear the story behind Chris’s work for a high profile Ben Sherman photo shoot and more! Find out what makes Chris Duncan such a legend with this fantastic call.

Don’t miss a healthy dose of the apologies as Eddie wrangles this smoking hot program!