The most famous storage space disc jockey on the planet is back with another thrilling episode of America’s favorite rock and roll telephone program. Join us for a sensational show!

First, Eddie Winters kicks open the program a preliminary call to Famed director Joseph Skorman who is fresh off the red carpet of baby showers! Joseph Skorman has some news to share but not enough time to share it in. Find out what will happen with Joseph and his breaking news, next week on the program.

Old Man Eddie Winters tries to dip, dip his way down memory lane with “This Day In Rock” only to be interrupted by Atlanta Bad Boy drummer, Pietro DiGennaro. Pietro his excited to do a little classic derailing of the program and calls Eddie from his car. Pietro tells stories of accidentally smuggling drugs and visiting his hometown of Baltimore. Find out just why Pietro’s career is not going the way he had planned on this legendary conversation.

Things get wild when Number One Fan, Mike Fink dials the program from Sunny Southern California. Number One shares his desire for a hoopty bike but can’t figure out where to get one. Eddie suggests a BMX legend that Number One should reach out to. Find out when Eddie brokers bikes live on the coup! Eddie and Mike chat about the new Queen Movie and more…It’s legendary!

Get into late breaking news with “Real American Headlines”. If your looking for new information and real facts, this isn’t the segment for you. Real American Headlines brings you the tabloids that are fit to print.

Eddie discusses the death of George Bush Sr. and his successful plans for an Order of this new world. Find out what that means and Eddie reaches out to co-producer, Ian Corey who is only weeks away from his legendary Pig Slaughter. Eddie starts some internet beef about Ian’s pig slaughtering that leaves them both in stitches.

Things really heat up when BMX Legend and Hoopty Bikes CEO joins the program. Chris Duncan tells some tales of crusing down the Hollywood streets to cure his holiday depression. Eddie puts a smile on Chris’s face when he tells him about Number One fans desire for a sweet street cruiser. Things get more wild when Eddie, Chris and Number One get on the horn together to work something out. Find out what a deal sounds like when it’s brokered on the program!

Look out for some smoking apologies and more on this classic coup!