I order you not to listen to this episode! If you defy my orders, then I guess you’ll find out why I told you not to listen.

Slow dialog: 1:26
Explanations: 3:16
Fast dialog: 15:19

Carol: Hey, where are you going?

Miguel: We can’t sit here doing nothing.

Carol: We have orders to stay here and to keep watch. You know as well as I do what the consequences are of defying orders.

Miguel: I don’t care what kind of punishment I get. I can’t sit still and let things happen without an attempt at intervention.

Carol: What are you going to do, enter the fray without a plan?

Miguel: I have a plan. I’m going to stop what’s going on using whatever means necessary.

Carol: By doing what? Have you thought this through?

Miguel: I’ll get the lay of the land and then formulate some options. Everything will work out.

Carol: And I suppose you expect me to go with you, to stick my neck out, too?

Miguel: That’s up to you. I’m not twisting your arm.

Carol: How do you know that if I stay here, I won’t squeal on you?

Miguel: I don’t. I guess I just have to rely on your sense of honor.

Carol: Oh, come on, let’s go.

Miguel: You’re coming with me?

Carol: Against my better judgment!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse