Bad things sometimes happen to good people when they’re on vacation. Learn more in this episode.

Slow dialog: 1:20
Explanations: 3:38
Fast dialog: 16:36

Josette: I admit it. I’m a nervous traveler and I don’t like traveling internationally.

Tae-jin: You could get travel insurance. Doing that would make you feel more secure, wouldn’t it?

Josette: Maybe. What types of coverage are available?

Tae-jin: You could get insurance to cover mishaps on the trip, such as cancelled flights or missed connections and having your luggage lost, stolen, or damaged. It’ll even cover your losses if your trip is cancelled.

Josette: I guess that would help, but I’m more nervous about something happening to me while I’m in another country.

Tae-jin: In that case, you can get medical insurance to cover the costs of medical emergencies, even if you have to be medically evacuated in the event of serious injuries or illness.

Josette: Oh, you’re right. I could get really sick or injured.

Tae-jin: And if things go terribly wrong, there’s even insurance for if you become disabled or if there’s an accidental death. They’ll pay for repatriation of your remains or overseas funeral services.

Josette: Disabilities and death? Is that supposed to put my mind at ease?

Tae-jin: The whole point is to make you less worried about bad things happening while you travel.

Josette: Right, and right now the only insurance that seems to be foolproof is staying put!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse