Don’t be superstitious about listening to this episode on Friday the 13th. What could possibly go wrong?

Slow dialog: 1:29
Explanations: 3:12
Fast dialog: 15:05

Cesar: I can’t catch a break. Everything seems to be going wrong these days.

Olga: Maybe your streak of bad luck is because you did something unlucky.

Cesar: What do you mean?

Olga: Have you walked under a ladder or crossed paths with a black cat lately?

Cesar: I don’t think so, but I’m not superstitious. I don’t believe breaking a mirror will bring me seven years of bad luck.

Olga: Say what you will, but it doesn’t hurt to take some precautions, especially the way things have been going for you.

Cesar: I don’t know...

Olga: Here, you can borrow my rabbit’s foot and my four-leaf clover. I’ll go home to get you a horseshoe so you can hang it upside down over your front door.

Cesar: I really doubt any of that is going to do me any good.

Olga: You know what tomorrow is, don’t you?

Cesar: The thirteenth?

Olga: Friday the thirteenth. Do you really want to take your chances?

Cesar: I guess not. Do you really think these good luck charms will help?

Olga: We’ll know on the fourteenth, won’t we?

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse