Dave Amato’s top 5 guitars, his personal traits he’s worked hard at developing over the last few years… the person who’s had the biggest influence on his life, TONS of guitar talk, a big insiders look at what it’s like working with David Lee Roth, Ted Nigent, Motley Crue, Cher, Richie Sambora and others, along with some cool stories. You’ll learn that when it comes to Nugent and the Crue… they have their own way of doing things. Great conversation with an extremely down to earth, highly successful professional guitarist.

Dave Amato has his own Gibson Signature Custom guitar… a Signature Ovation guitar… and an absolutely MASSIVE guitar and amp collection of his own. He’s played with Black Oak, Arkansas, David Lee Roth, Motley Crue, Ted Nugent, Richie Sambora, Cher, and for the last 28 years, REO Speedwagon. 

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