On this Ricky Warwick interview, one day he’s plowing fields on his fathers farm and 6 days later he’s opening up for David Bowie in front of 85,000 people… growing up in rural Ireland & Scotland & moving to LA, how he “fell into” singing, taking responsibility for himself and realizing a low point in life was within his grasp to change, why “You can’t kid yourself…” Forming Black Star Riders and the challenges of getting that band launched, testing the waters in Nashville, tearing it up on stage (literally) with The Almighty, being a dad, not giving up, tolerance, humility, seizing life while you can, learning to say “No,” enjoying life and LOADS more. SUPER cool, awesome vibe and incredibly freaking REAL, a must listen!

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Originally from Northern Ireland, Ricky Warwick is a guitarist, songwriter and singer with one of the best voices in Rock n Roll. Ricky co-founded The Almighty, a hard rock band w punk influences, in Glasgow, Scotland. The band released 10, Top 40 singles & 4, Top 20 LPs in the UK. Ricky is also the frontman, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter for Black Star Riders. BSR has released 4 incredible LPs. Among them, 2 U.K. top 15 albums and one U.K. top 10 album. In total, Ricky has released a dozen LPs with The Almighty, 4 LPs with Black Star Rices, and 9 solo LPs, including his most recent LP, When Life Was Hard & Fast, produced by Keith Nelson, guitarist and founder of Buckcherry.

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