Good evening everyone and welcome aboard flight FC252 direct to Podcastopia. My name is Adam and I will be managing your cabin crew for this flight, your captain today is Tommy, and also the name of this plane is Ben. Your flight time today should be around 57 minutes and 19 seconds. Today's flight will also include discussion of Epic's antitrust lawsuit against Apple and Google, first impressions of the full release version of Factorio, and much more. Thank you for coming out and supporting live in-flight entertainment, another big round of applause for your MC (Mister Captain), and please remember to take your glasses (suitcases) back to the bar (off of the plane). Flight attendant joke cliches are here, here, here and here. Thank you for choosing to podcast with Filthy Casuals and please have a safe and enjoyable whatever you are doing whilst listening to this.


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