E3 is just around the corner so this episode we're doing that thing where the 3 people all peak around a corner at the same time and they're all at different heights. You know that thing, like in The Little Rascals and things like that? Like they'd all have to be really weirdly contorted behind the wall they're peering around to even be able to all look at once. I guess one crouches, one is sort of doing it normally, but then the other one has to be really tall and ideally have a natural L shaped curve to them. Not many people like that out there. The Little Rascals were a bunch of freaks. E3 predictions :)

0:00 - Intro

4:08 - Yuji Naka retiring

9:43 - Cyberpunk 2077 bug video leaks

19:06 - Playdate presentation

30:05 - Battlefield 2042 trailer

35:39 - E3 Predictions

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