18 holes? What is this, a DONUT SHOP? Now, while I don't want you to stop enjoying that enormous laugh that you're definitely in the midst of right now, I would like to talk to you about something that is, in fact, not a joke. The fact that donuts do not have holes. A donut is a ring, and therefore the "hole" in the centre is a natural aspect of the shape. While the term "hole" would be appropriate for describing a chunk taken out of the centre of your jam-filled variety of donut perhaps, it is not suitable for describing the space in the middle of the traditional ring-shaped donut any more than for describing the entire space surrounding said donut. The space in the centre is the same as the space anywhere other than the centre: parts of the world which are not the inhabited by the shape. If you need any further clarification on this, please don't hesitate to ask. In this podcast we review Mario Golf: Super Rush, talk about the Sable demo, and discuss Tommy's new gaming PC.

Intro - 0:00

Getting a PC - 9:20

Sable Demo - 15:30

Mario Golf: Super Rush - 28:04

More getting a PC stuff - 50:36

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