Ragnar keeps rocking this week, and we talk some Pentiment, some Somerville and a little bit of news. Now if that sentence doesn't just scream "podcast summary" to you, then I guess you and I don't exactly see eye to eye on the subject now do we? Hey now, I ain't gonna tell nobody how they gotta define the term "podcast summary", but if that first bit of writing ain't scratching your itch when it comes to summarising a podcast, then I think we've got less of an issue of definition, and more an issue of DEFinitely WISHIN' you thought it did summarise the podcast. Because in all honesty, I think that it does. I hope that we can come to an agreement on this, and I'm willing to listen, but I just can't see my way to clear to not believing that the first sentence here is anything other than, and excuse my language here, a bloomin' podcast summary. Let's just take a minute, and hope we can come back to this with fresh eyes, open hearts, and perhaps a willingness to meet in the middle.

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