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First here some insight about our Guest today owner of  the Purple Dinner

Gregory Taff is a research scientist, was formerly a professor of geography at the University of Memphis, and has developed a few small businesses. He loves travel, food, culture, and also playing piano. Gregory is American and currently lives in Norway. He has enjoyed traveling throughout much of the world for over 20 years, including spending a year on a Fulbright in Latvia, and now living in Norway for almost 3 years.  PurpleDinner, launched in July 2014, is both a business and a passion for him.

I studied at the following schools:  Interlochen Arts Academy (high school), Dartmouth College (Bachelor - math), Columbia University (Master's - statistics), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (PhD - Geography).

I run a music evening most weeks in a local cafe in my town, where I play piano, sing, and play along with several other musicians.