FortyOne - "It's Snack Time" - Different Mayonnaise [CC BY NC]

Music behind DJ:

Heftone Banjo Orchestra - "Dill Pickles" - Music Box Rag [CC BY SA]

EAT! - "Pizza + Space = Time" - Taco Enema [CC BY NC ND]

The Crypts! - "Ate A Pizza" - Discover Science [CC BY]

Citizen Blast Kane - "Sandwich Time" - Live on WFMU's Redundancy Radio with DJ Disc Jockey - October 1, 2014 [CC BY NC ND]

Half Cocked - "Dual Cheeseburgers" - Atelier [CC BY NC ND]

Stark Effect - "Bunnyrabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk" - Mic In Track [CC BY NC]

Music behind DJ:

Nicky Apple - "Some Foods Live In Cans, It's Sad" - Buba Calinou [CC BY NC SA]

Mark DeAngelis - "Tofu Is..." - microSong Challenge [CC0]

Jason Staczek - "Lumpy Gravy" - Do Not Track [CC BY]

Lee Rosevere - "101 Neat Things To Do WIth A Banana" - Coco [CC BY NC]

Dan Deacon - "How Much Pudding Can Tomy Handle" - Live at WFMU on OCDJ's Show on 7/23/2003 [CC BY NC SA]


Music behind DJ:

Chase Alan Willis - "Ice Cream Cave" - The Kingdom of Back [CC BY NC SA]

Alison Knowles - "Popular Bean Soup" - Songs from the Book of Bean [CC BY NC SA]

Polichinelle - "Using Tacos To Catch A Thief" - Spring (Compilation - Peppermill Records) [CC BY NC ND]

Sister Gwen Mckay - "Vegetable Items" - Volume II [CC BY NC SA]

Acid Eye - "Goodbye Bread" - Quiet [CC BY NC SA]

Jake McKelvie - "Coffee Or Soda" - Live on WFMU's Busy Doing Nothing with Charlie - October 8, 2015 [CC BY NC ND]

Anga - "Le Fruit" - La Grande Lessive [CC BY NC ND]

Simon Panrucker - "Fruit Salad" - Hello My Name is Simon Panrucker [CC BY SA]

Music behind DJ:

junior85 - "Takeaway or Eat-In Instrumental" - Imposter Syndrome [CC BY NC SA]

The Cheese Mites - "The Bad Fish" - Experiment in Stupidity [CC BY]

Tonstartssbandht - "Turkey Bones" - Dick Nights [CC BY NC ND]

Frozen Geese - "Black Olives, Green Olives" - The Starseed [CC BY NC SA]

Carnivorous Birds - "My Favorite Food" - Space-Time Transients Through Hidden Events In The Transpersonal Libido [CC BY NC ND]

Music behind DJ:

Tha Silent Partner - "Prohibition Brew and Pork Chops" - SIX ONNA 7 (Part 4) [CC BY NC SA]